Erin B. 

I have followed Randell since his days at Greenwood Academy for a reason.  He is not only professional, friendly, and welcoming, but also the only person that I trust with my curly locks.  I travel from Yakima, Wa. just to make sure my hair is always fabulous!

Bradetta V.

I used to have hair trauma...and on occasion (more than one) I have had hairstylists who tell me no when I ask for my hair a certain way. Then tell me how ridiculous that choice WOULD have been.  And do the same cut they always do. My search for hair-styler heaven would continue ...until 3 years ago. 
That's when I found Randell. I have never had hair trauma with Randell. EVER. Also - When I have asked for something ludicrous Randell has explained the pros and cons, never making me feel stupid about my hair desire. He points out what COULD be an issue and then says - so if you want to try it let's do it. I am always informed and it is always my decision with his support and expertise. I trust him. You will too. Give him a try.

Ben R.

Referred by my wife during Randell's time at Wild Root, I followed him to his new Sola location for my quarterly haircuts.  I know Randell has a lot of clients, but somehow he remembers my head and all the reasons it's difficult to cut my hair (cowlicks) and how to give a great cut despite those challenges.  Plus he's fun to talk to.

Highly recommend for guys who've heard their hair is challenging.  Randell can help.

Bette W.

Randell just gave my daughter her first haircut, and it was such a great experience! She was super reluctant to go in (she's often very hesitant about new situations), but Randell let her hold his hair dryer, chatted with her about ponies and combed out her curls so gently, I'm not sure she even noticed. He also made sure to include her in his conversation about putting a lock in to a little ponytail before cutting it off.

Her adorable little bob looks amazing, and she still loves the "make up" she got to choose out of his bin of toys. My son was a bit jealous of her experience, and is looking forward to meeting Randell next time he needs a cut!


Sheri B.

I've been to Randell twice, both times for major hair overhauls. The most recent visit, I went in with my super-thick oily hair that went down to my butt, and came out with this amazing asymmetrical shoulder-length galaxy hair that was WAY better than the example pictures I brought! I never thought my hair could look this good, considering the lackluster-to-okay haircuts I've received from other people over the years (even at pricey salons).

I get compliments on my hair from strangers almost anywhere I go now, and people often ask how the color manages to look so rich and vibrant. Randell KNOWS hair. If you're on the fence about booking him, I hope this review pushes you to make an appointment-- he tamed my unwieldy, thick, oily mess of hair and made it into something that makes me smile every time I look in a mirror. And that's a big deal!

Shannon C.

I started seeing Randell 6 years ago for updos and was immediately impressed at his ability to handle my thick, curly long hair. I then started seeing him for my regular cut and color and have also been very happy. Most recently he helped me transition to brunette after 20 years as a blonde. He listened to what I do not like about my natural color and proposed a solution that I love so much I wish I would have transitioned sooner. He is a true artist!